Some 1976 seniors celebrate during rehearsal in June 1976.

If You Leave Me Now from Chicago's 1976 album Chicago X (get it on iTunes) .

Top Music Hits for 1976

Take It to the Limit 4:49 | Eagles | One of These Nights

Play That Funky Music 5:02 | Wild Cherry | Wild Cherry

Love Rollercoaster 4:50 | Ohio Players | Honey

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover 3:32 | Paul Simon | Still Crazy After All These Years

If You Leave Me Now
3:58 | Chicago | Chicago X

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The Year is 1976 ...

Democrats Jimmy Carter (GA) and Walter F. Mondale (MN) beat Republicans Gerald R. Ford (MI) and Robert Dole (KS) for President and Vice President.

Vietnam is formally unified under Communist rule. Saigon loses status as a capital city and is renamed Ho Chi Minh City, after the late president of North Vietnam.

The Bicentennial Year
(1776-1976) celebration for the United States.

The year of the 67th Annual Commencement of Arlington High School.

Under a new constitution, Premier Fidel Castro becomes president of Council of State and Council of Ministers.

Senate investigation discovers that Lockheed Corporation paid millions in bribes to foreign officials.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak form
Apple Computer on April Fool's Day, launching the personal computer revolution.

After inheriting his father's billboard company, Ted Turner establishes television station
WTBS, which is later developed into the Turner Broadcasting System.

VHS format is introduced for home television recording.

Supreme Court upholds death penalty.

SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance aircraft operational since 1964 sets two world records for its class: an absolute speed record of 2,193.167 miles per hour and an absolute altitude record of 85,068.997 feet.

Earthquake in Guatemala kills over 22,000 and injures over 75,000.

Wayne Hays (Ohio), chairman of House Ways and Means Committee, resigns after sex scandal.

Viking I and Viking II space probes transmit data and color pictures from Mars landing sites.

The "
Great Nebula" of the Orion constellation is catalogued and named M42 or NGC 1976. The Orion Nebula is the closest major star formation to earth, about 1000 light years away.

Legionnaires Disease kills 29 conventioneers in Philadelphia.

The fatal Ebola virus is named for the region in Congo (Kinshasa) where it is first identified.

The fatal Hantaan virus (from the Han River in South Korea, hence the name) is first of many strains isolated causing hemorrhagic fever and renal failure. Since then (early 1990's), strains have been discovered in he Southwest United States that are related to rats and deer mice and cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, also fatal.

Patty Hearst convicted of armed robbery.

West Point cadets discovered to have cheated on exams.

Mayor Richard J. Daley dies on December 20 (Chicago mayor since 1955). Michael Bilandic becomes mayor of Chicago.

Lake Superior State University Banished Words List debuts.

Nadia Comeneci wins six medals--three gold, two silver, and one bronze--in the 1976 Olympics.

Greg Norman "White Shark" (for his power) debuts as a professional golfer.

Sunday, July 18 ... Arlington Heights Police Officer Alan J. Vargo, age 24, is killed while being struck and dragged by a car while directing traffic around an accident near Olive and Arlington Heights Road. East Vargo Lane near Windsor and East Valley Lane is named for this police officer.

Super Bowl X Pre-game fun with Bill Murray and Christopher Guest.

Super Bowl X
Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17

Daytona 500 exciting finish between David Pearson and Richard Petty.

On the last lap Pearson and Petty got very close and started spinning. Richard Petty crashed into the outside wall, then spun into the the grass, less than 100 yards from the finish line. Pearson spun to the pit entrance, clipped with Joe Frasson's car, and spun back on the track. Pearson was able to cross the finish line and win.

wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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