We'll See Our Cardinal
Soaring Free
And We'll Remember


I will always remember Arlington for its fine staffs, its outstanding student bodies, its great reputation, its powerful tradition and its wonderful community support. These attributes make a school!

-- W. John Rowe (23 years at AHS)

Having worked at Arlington High School for 34 years, I have touched in some way or another the lives of over 17,000 students -- an experience I shall treasure always -- packed away in my heart, mind, and soul!

-- Russell R. Attis (34 years at AHS)

Quality school, quality students, quality period of my lifetime.

--Chuck Haines (16 years at AHS)

You can take the teacher out Arlington High School, but you can't take A.H.S. out the teacher.

-- Jane Beagle-Nash (8 years at AHS)

Arlington is more than a school -- it's a community, a spirit, a style. I'm happy it's been a part of me and will remain so.

-- Mary K. Omari (5 years at AHS)

I will always remember how proud I was to come to Arlington High School. For 21 years I have had many experiences which have justified that pride. The Cardinal will always live in my heart!

-- Howard J. Gibson (21 years at AHS)

This school has been a big part of our family's life, and its students and staff have meant a lot to us. I'll have many great memories, but I won't have Arlington High School. It has been great being part of all the traditions of A.H.S.

-- Thomas J. Pitchford (20 years at AHS)

What was unique at Walnut and Euclid was not a building but rather what was inside that building. Thank you Arlington for years of enjoyable employment.

-- Thomas M. Friel (15 years at AHS)

Since the first day I taught at Arlington in 1960, a feeling of pride has always persuaded my being when I spoke to anyone about the place where I worked. That feeling is still with me and will always be there even with the demise of Arlington High School.

-- Vincent I. Ahnquist (19 years at AHS)

Cardinals soar higher!

-- William Powell (16 years at Arlington)


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