The Year is 1914 ...

Prior to 1914, high school students were educated in District 25 in the old North School grammar school building, which is located near North School Park and the site of the Arlington Heights Park District administration building.

Voters created High School District 214 composed of parts of Wheeling and Elk Grove Townships and two sections of Palatine Township, but the election in 1914 was vigorously contested. The opposition to the proposition of a high school was very strong in the community which was primarily a farming commmunity. Voting brought out 1,269 persons. Because the Women's Suffrage Act had not been validated by the Supreme Court, it was necessary to keep the men's and women's ballots separated. Most men voted against the proposal for a high school; but with the women's vote, it carried by a margin of 16 votes. There were 17 blank ballots, and the opposition claimed the proposition lost by one vote. Subsequently, the Supreme Court validated the election, the Women's Suffrage Act, and the creation of Township High School District 214.

The actual Arlington High School building at 502 West Euclid would not be built until 1922.



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