The Year is 1934 ...

July 22 FBI Chicago Agents led by SAC Melvin H. Purvis track public enemy #1 John Herbert Dillinger to the Biograph Theater on Chicago's near-west side.  Dillinger shot and killed by Agents Herman F. Hollis and Samuel Cowley as he attempts to draw a gun. A thirteen-month crime spree is ended after ten people killed, seven people wounded, and eleven banks robbed of more than $100,000.

November 27 Lester E. Gillis, also known as "Baby Face" Nelson, dies after a gun battle with FBI Chicago Agents Herman F. Hollis and Samuel Cowley on Northwest Highway near Barrington, Illinois.  Both Agents also wounded and killed. Helen Gillis and John Paul Chase flee in a government vehicle with the mortally wounded Nelson, whose body is discovered the following day in a Niles cemetery.

It Happened One Night
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