1941 Cadillac Deluxe Sedanette

The Year is 1941 ...

Congress appropriates $7 billion in Lend-Lease aid to Britain.

Robin Moor, a U.S. freighter ship, is sunk by German U-Boat (U-69) about 700 miles off the west coast of Africa and is the first U.S. casualty of war (May 21). President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt declares "unlimited national emergency" (May 27) and freezes German and Italian assets in U.S. (June 14).

Roosevelt promises aid to Russia (June 24).

Roosevelt freezes Japan's U.S. assets responding to Japan's invasion of Indochina (July 25).

President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill issue Atlantic Charter, which includes proclamation that the U.S. and Great Britain strive to destroy Nazi tyranny, while not seeking to increase territory. Also, the U.S. and Great Britain seek to restore peaceful governments, sovereign and self-governed (August 14).

U.S. Navy is ordered to "shoot on sight" at German warships (September 11).

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Civilian and Military casualties reach 2400 (December 7).

Chicago-based Mrs. Japps Potato Chips changes name to Jay's Potato Chips.

U.S. government acquires Al Capone's armored car as an extra security measure following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

U.S declares war on Japan (December 10).

Germany and Italy declare war on U.S. (December 11).

U.S. declares war on Germany and Italy (December 11).

Construction begins on a $33 million expansion of Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

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