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Rosie the Riveter

The Year is 1942 ...

President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt creates War Production Board, calling for mass mobilization.

New Deal, initiated in 1933, is put on hold. The New Deal is President Roosevelt's plan to attempt recovery and relief from the Great Depression and to create standards to help working people.

German U-Boats sink 60-100 oil tankers off the outerbanks of Cape Hatteras. More ships are sunk off Cape Hatteras in 1942 than at the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1941.

U.S. troops arrive in North Ireland, signal the first U.S. presence in Europe.
President Roosevelt approves internment of Japanese-Americans for duration of World War II (February 20).

Japanese submarine shells an oil field and oil refinery in Ellwood and Goleta near Santa Barbara, California. No injuries reported and damage is minimal. The attack hastens the roundup of Japanese-Americans for internment (Feb 23).

Major James H. Doolittle leads a carrier launched bombing raid of sixteen B-25's over Tokyo on April 18, 1942. All of the B-25's, except one either crash or crash-land. One lands in Russia where the crew are prisoners for over a year. They are released with the help of Great Britain and Iran (May 29 1943). The raid is re-enacted in
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) and Pearl Harbor (2001)

U.S. forces surrender in Phillipines (May 6).

U.S. Naval victory over Japan at Coral Sea (May 4-8).

U.S. Naval victory over Japan at Midway (June 3-6).

U.S. invades Guadalcanal Island, marking U.S. offensive in the Pacific (August 7).

First all-U.S. bombing attack of German forces over Rouen, France (August 17).

Congress approves "Victory Tax" of wartime incomes.

Allies land in North Africa with 400,000 soldiers (November 7-8).

German submarine drops off four saboteurs on the beach at Amagansett, Long Island (June 13). Coast Guardsman John Cullen reports spotting Germans on the beach, a departing submarine and hidden explosives. FBI hot on the trail catch and foil attempts to sabotage war production in New York. Four German saboteurs land from a submarine at Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (June 17). Eventually a total of eight Germans are convicted. Two are released and deported in 1947 to Germany for cooperating with U.S. and six are executed in August, 1942.

Fire at Cocoanut Grove nightclub, Boston kills 492.

Mrs. Miniver
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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