The Arlington High School Marching Band marches down Northwest Highway.



The Year is 1946 ...

Strikes spread across the U.S.

Winston Churchill gives famous "Iron Curtain" speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, where he warns of communist expansion. From that speech, Europe was understood in terms of Communist East and democratic West. Some also believe this speech marks the beginning of the Cold War.

President Truman seizes control of railroads and coal mines during strikes.

Paris Peace Conference fails.

The Baruch Plan presented to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission to provide world security against nuclear destruction is rejected by Soviet Union. Named after Bernard Baruch, who was an investment banker and adviser to government on defense and war mobilization during World War II.

President Truman grants independence to Philippines.

U.S. loans Great Britain $3.5 billion for post-war reconstruction.

Congress creates Atomic Energy Commision to control the use of nuclear weapons and medical use of radioisotopes as diagnositc and therapeutic tools.

UN General Assembly meeting begin in New York.

Most price controls and wartime wage restrictions eliminated.

Dr. Benjamin Spock publishes the authoritative guidebook of baby and child care. Now in its
7th edition.

Theodore Ehrhorn becomes principal of Arlington High School until 1947.

The shop wing is added to the north end of Arlington High School on the Ridge Avenue side. Cost: $260,000.

The Arlington Cardinals play their first home football game under lights at the newly lit football field.

The Best Years of Our Lives
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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