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1949 Cadillac Model 62

The Year is 1949 ...

Northwestern University Football beats California in the Rose Bowl, 40-7.

President Harry Truman calls for "Fair Deal" domestic legislative program that offered American people the promise of equal rights and equal opportunities.

President Harry Truman outlines the "Point Four" program, the fourth point in his inaugural address. "Point Four" is a foreign aid project providing technological skills, knowledge and equipment to underdeveloped nations. "Point Four" also encourages private investment capital to underdeveloped nations. Aid is aimed at countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with the hope of deterring these countries from committing to communism.

U.S., Canada and 10 Western European nations sign a treaty that marks the infancy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

150 nations agree on the proper treatment of Prisoners of War.

USSR ends blockade, Berlin airlift which began in 1948 ends.

U.S. State Department disclaims responsibility for Communist takeover in China.

Soviet atomic bomb test.

U.S. communist leaders convicted of attempt to overthrow U.S. government.

UN headquarters in New York City dedicated.

Major steel workers strike.

U.S. Air Force Boeing B50-A
Lucky Lady II completes the first nonstop flight around the world (23,452 miles in 94 hours and one minute). The flight demonstrated the ability of the USAF to quickly reach anywhere in the world.

Chicago NBC affiliate WNBQ begins regular television broadcasts from Merchandise Mart.

Midwest Stock Exchange opens as the Chicago Stock Exchange after merger with the exchanges of St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis/St. Paul. The Midwest Stock Exchange will change its name back to the
Chicago Stock Exchange in 1993.

Work begins on Chicago's first expressway, the Congress Expressway, which is now the Eisenhower Expressway.

Orchard Place military airport is renamed O'Hare after fighter pilot/war hero Edward "Butch" O'Hare. Airport letters ORD are in service in modern days and O'Hare will begin commercial traffic in 1955.


All the King's Men
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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