The Year is 1951 ...

Retired General Dwight D. Eisenhower accepts command of Allied forces in Europe.

Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sentenced to death for spying on atomic bomb program.

President Harry Truman removes General Douglas MacArthur from command in Korea for insubordination, but is greeted by cheering crowds on his return to the United States. General MacArthur wanted to fight the North Koreans into Chinese territory as the Chinese were defending the North Koreans .

Kansas City disaster as Missouri River floods.

CBS transmits first color television broadcast from New York.

Cicero riots break out when a 29 year-old, black CTA bus driver and his family move into a Cicero apartment. The apartment building is eventually looted and trashed. The news spreads around the world and is used to fuel anti-Western world propaganda by Communist countries. The man and his family eventually move to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Weber Grill is invented by George Stephens while working at Weber Brothers Metal Works. Now Weber-Stephen Products Co. makes the
Weber Grills that are found in backyards across the U.S.

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An American in Paris
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture.
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