The Circle Drive front entrance before it was demolished to make way for the new Circle Drive addition of 1956.

Gymnastics Team wins State Championship in 1955.



1955 Ford Fairlane

The Year is 1955 ...

President Dwight D. Eisenhower announces he will use atomic weapons in the event of another war.

Prototype guided missile with nuclear warhead tested in Nevada.

First presidential television press conference conducted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

At the 1955
LeMans at Bremgarten circuit located just outside the city of Bern, Switzerland, a Mercedes 300SLR rear-ends an Austin Healy and hits the bank at a high rate of speed. The engine catapults into a crowd and kills over 80 people. Switzerland, Mexico, and Spain ban all future races.

Mayor Richard J. Daley elected mayor of Chicago.

Ray Krock opens his first
McDonald's Store #1 on Lee Street in Des Plaines after working together with Dick and Maurice McDonald, founders from San Bernardino, California since 1948. First day sales, 1000 hamburgers ($366.12). The store is the ninth constructed overall in the U.S.

Juan Peron is ousted from Argentina by rebels unhappy with labor/business issues and the permission granted to Standard Oil of California to use the nations resources. Eva Peron's statues dragged through the streets.

U.S., Soviet Union and Allies a complete Austrian peace treaty to end occupation after World War II.

Geneva Big Four Summit, with leaders of the U.S., Britain, France, and the Soviet Union creating a "spirit of Geneva" for future meeting.

President Eisenhower suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized for three weeks.

Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) orders desegregation on interstate trains and buses. ICC, an independent agency, terminated in 1995 and now part of the
Surface Transportation Board of Department of Transportation.

AFL and CIO labor federations merge to form

Dr. Jonas Salk perfects polio vaccine.

McDonald's restaurant opens at 400 Lee Street in Des Plaines.

Velcro invented by George de Mestral.

O'Hare International Airport begins commercial traffic.

Braniff Airline Convair CV-340 Flight 560 crashes after it clips a gas station sign on approach to Midway during heavy fog. The crash kills 22.


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