The Cardettes demonstrate a perfect 'C' formation.

1958 Chevy Bel Air

The Year is 1958 ...

U.S. launches Explorer 1 in competition with Sputnik launch by the U.S.S.R. Explorer I mission discovers the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Explorer missions continue through 1975.

Congress establishes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (

Congress passes the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) for providing aid to education, public and private at all levels.

X-15 produced. The research airplane is created to define problems associated with space flight.

Vice President Nixon is the target of hostile demonstrators partially motivated by Communists in Caracas, Venezuela and Lima, Peru.

Syria and Egypt form the United Arab Republic. Northern Yemen joins later and name is changed to United Arab States.

Iraqi King Faisal and Premier, Nuri Said killed. Brigadier Abdel Karem Kassem overthrows Iraq government, which ends the Iraq-Jordan Federation formed to counterbalance the union of Egypt and Syria. Oilfields in Iraq and an oil pipeline terminating in Tripoli, Lebanon are extremely important to the economy and military effectiveness of Western nations. Western leaders also fear unrest in the Middle East would lead to Soviet exploitation.

Riots in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Operation Blubat. U.S. Marines sent to Lebanon at the request of that government. Objective is to support the legal Lebanese government against foreign invasion, specifically against Syrian First Army located between Damascus-Israel border close to Beirut. U.S. military is able to use restraint during tense situations in Lebanon and withdraws after General Chehab elected president. Two U.S. marines killed by friendly fire and one Army sergeant killed by rebel fire.

Nuclear submarine
Nautilus cruises the first undersea crossing of the North Pole.

Integrated circuit is invented by Bob Noyce of
Fairchild Semiconductor. Colleague Jean Hoerni perfects into planar transistor.

Our Lady of the Angels School fire in Chicago kills 92 students and 3 nuns on December 1. Schools across the nation are made safer as a result of the Roman Catholic grade school fire. More from Chicago Public Library.

The Chicago Skyway opens to traffic. The 7.8-mile roadway connects the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) and the Indiana Toll Road.

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