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The Year is 1959 ...

Fidel Castro's guerrilla campaign overcomes the dictator Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar.

Fidel Castro (Marxist-Leninist) becomes premier of Cuba.

U.S. relations with Cuba deteriorate.

U.S. Navy launches first ballistic-missile submarine.

X-15 glide flight and powered flight occur in June and September, respectively.

X-15 mated to B-52

X-15 launch from B-52 mothership
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Alaska becomes the 49th state.

Hawaii becomes the 50th state.

U.S.-Canada joint effort completes
St. Lawrence Seaway navigation project, which links the Great Lakes region to global markets. Icebreaker 'D'Iberville' begins the first through transit of the St. Lawrence Seaway in April, but the Seaway officially opens June 26 with Queen Elizabeth and President Eisenhower present.

Last surviving Civil War veteran, Walter WIlliams, dies at age 117.

First Chicago Air and Water Show.

Chicago White Sox win the American League Pennant and lose to Los Angeles in the World Series.

Ben Hur
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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