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1962 Chevy Impala Super Sport (SS)

The Year is 1962 ...

A coal fire in an abandoned coal mine begins underground near Centralia, Pennsylvania. The fire continues to burn almost 40 years later, forcing most of the residents of Centralia to relocate.

Mercury-Atlas (capsule/rocket) is the third manned mission in space as astronaut Lt. Col. John Glenn is aboard the "
Friendship 7" which has a flight plan to test radar tracking and the control and accuracy of the craft's return. Performs three orbits around earth.

Stock Market has worst decline since 1929 (May 28).

United States tests first successful sea-launch of a long-range ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead.

U.S. Marshals protect black student James H. Meredith at University of Mississippi on order of President John F. Kennedy.

United States extends emergency loan of $100 million to the United Nations.

Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear war threatens as United States and Cuba standoff over nuclear missiles in Cuba. Reconnaissance photos from U-2 piloted by USAF Maj. Richard S. Heyser detect Soviet missile installations in Cuba on October 15. President Kennedy immediately forms an executive committee of 12 experts (EX-COMM) to handle the crisis. President Kennedy announces to fellow American citizens details of the missile discovery and the intention to quarantine Cuba on October 22. Premier Khrushchev sends letter agreeing to remove missiles if U.S. promises not to invade Cuba. USAF pilot Maj. Rudolph Anderson, Jr. is killed as his U-2 spy plane is shot down over Cuba (Oct 27). A second letter from Khrushchev requesting that missiles in Turkey be removed in return for the removal of Cuban missiles is ignored by the United States. President John F. Kennedy and USSR Premier Nikita Khrushchev reach a compromise. USSR agrees to withdraw missiles from Cuba (October 28).

Mercury-Atlas (capsule/rocket) is used for the fourth manned mission in space as astronaut M. Scott Carpenter is aboard the "
Aurora 7" which provides data for progression of missions of extended periods. Performs three orbits around earth.

Mercury-Atlas (capsule/rocket) is used for the fifth manned mission in space as astronaut Walter Schirra is aboard the "
Sigma 7" which provides data for progression of missions of extended periods. Performs six orbits around earth.

Francis Gary Powers freed by Soviets in exchange for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.

Silent Spring written by Rachel Carson set the stage for environmental awareness and environmental legislation. Silent Spring focuses on the use of insecticides and the decline of songbirds.

United State Military Assistance Command starts up in South Vietnam.

State Road is renamed Arlington Heights Road.

Crate and Barrell opens its first store in Chicago's Old Town.

Sacred Heart of Mary High School opens in Rolling Meadows. Sacred Heart will close its doors in 1987 as
St. Viator becomes co-ed (first graduating class in 1988).

Bruno Waara becomes principal of Arlington High School until 1979.

Forest View High School opens.
(Currently known as
Forest View Alternative School)

Lawrence of Arabia
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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