Fun after the Big Snow of 1967.



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1967 Pontiac GTO

The Year is 1967 ...

McComick Place fire destroys the "fireproof" building on January 16.

Big Snow hits Chicago on January 27. Thousands of motorists and school children are stranded away from their homes. Snowiest 24 hours on record in Chicago with 18.1 inches Jan. 26-27. Twenty-three inches fall in 29 hours.

Tornado outbreak hits northeast Illinois on April 21, killing 58 people. At least three of the tornadoes generate winds over 200 miles per hour. The worst tornado touches down near Palos Hills and tears a path northeast at about 60 mph through Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and the south side of Chicago. Another powerful tornado strikes
Belvidere, Illinois killing eleven Belvidere High School students boarding buses headed for home. McHenry county, Woodstock,Fox Lake, Lake Zurich and Arlington Heights also experience lesser damage from tornadoes. The sky turns a very dark green as the storm approaches.

Apollo I crew of Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee killed in a fire in the Apollo Command Module during a preflight test at Cape Canaveral.

The 500th U.S. plane is shot down over North Vietnam.

Thousands of antiwar demonstrators protest in Washington D.C.

Worst race riot in U.S. history rages in Detroit, Michigan.

Boston Strangler sentenced to life in prison.

Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa is imprisoned for jury tampering and fraud.

Thurgood Marshall is the first black justice sworn in to the
Supreme Court.

The Main Gymnasium at Arlington High School is dedicated as the
Grace Gymnasium.

Arlington High School Cross Country Team wins State Championship.

The Untitled Picasso is unveiled at the Daley Center Plaza.

Super Bowl I
Green Bay Packers 35
Kansas City Chiefs 10

In the Heat of the Night
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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