Vehicle Sticker designed by Arlington High School student Kim Weiderhold. Sticker was used for vehicle registration in 1973 (Courtesy Arlington Heights Historical Society).



1973 Ford Mustang Convertible

The Year is 1973 ...

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to allow state restrictions on abortions (Roe vs. Wade).

U.S. signs Paris peace accords which ends Vietnam War.

Watergate trial reveals conspiracy to hide White House involvement.

Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns following tax evasion threat.

Gasoline prices rise after Arab nations embargo oil exports to the U.S for aiding Israel in Yom Kippur War.

EPA begins working to reduce lead emissions soon after its inception in 1970, issuing the first reduction standards in 1973, which called for a gradual phasedown of lead to one tenth of a gram per gallon by 1986.

"Saturday Night Massacre" President Nixon fires Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, Attorney General Elliott Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William D. Ruckelshaus. Some accounts have it that Richardson and Ruckelshaus resigned when they would not fire Cox. Solicitor General Robert H. Bork becomes acting Attorney General and actually fires Cox.

President Nixon turns over Watergate tapes with part missing.

Vice President Gerald Ford sworn in as first vice president chosen using the 25th amendment.

Chicago Board Options Exchange founded April 26, 1973.

Standard Oil Building, now known as Aon Center, (a.k.a Big Stan and Amoco Building) is completed.

Giant-screen projection color TV''s are introduced to the public.

ARPAnet (Internet precursor) is connected internationally to Norway and England.

Buffalo Grove High School opens.

Super Bowl VII
Miami Dolphins 14
Washington Redskins 7

The Sting
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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