Pink Floyd performs Run Like Hell at Earls Court, London in 1980 (Get it on iTunes).

Top Music Hits for 1980

Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2 3:59 | Pink Floyd | The Wall

Babe 4:28 | Styx | Cornerstone

Magic 4:31 | Olivia Newton-John | Xanadu (Soundtrack ...)

Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me Girl 4:04 | The Spinners | The Essentials: Spinners

Biggest Part of Me 5:25 | Ambrosia | One Eighty

Little Jeannie 5:04 | Elton John | Elton John: The Greatest Hits 1970-2002

This Is It 3:56 | Kenny Loggins | Keep the Fire

Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer 3:45 | Kenny Rogers | Favorite Country Duets, Vol 2

Cars 3:17 | Gary Numan | Scarred

Ride Like the Wind 4:31 | Christopher Cross | Christopher Cross

Shining Star 4:38 | The Manhattans | The Manhattans: Super Hits

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:44 | Queen | The Game

Upside Down 4:05 | Diana Ross | Diana Ross: The Motown Anthology

Coward of the County 4:33 | Kenny Rogers | Kenny Rogers: 20 Great Years

Too Hot 4:55 | Kool & The Gang | Ladies Night

Ladies Night 6:25 | Kool & The Gang | Ladies Night

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Solid Gold Dancers Countown with Dionne Warwick host.

1980 930 Porsche

The Year is 1980 ...

Republicans Ronald Reagan (CA) and George Bush (TX) beat Democrats Jimmy Carter (GA) and Walter F.Mondale (MN) for President and Vice President.

Miracle on Ice. United States Hockey Team upsets the Soviets in the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Mike Eruzione scores three goals in seven games, including the winning goal against the Soviets. Mark Johnson is MVP, leading the team with 11 goals.

Canadian embassy personnel help Americans escape from Iran.

Soviets invade Afghanistan.

President Carter orders embargo on grain and high-tech exports to Soviet Union in response to Afghanistan invasion.

U.S. boycotts the XXII Summer Olympics in Moscow.

USSR gets the most medals in the Summer Olympics.

Selective service draft registration resumes.

Eight serviceman killed in attempt of secret rescue in Iran when U.S. Navy helicopter crashes.

Race riots in Miami in response to claims of police brutality.

President Carter today declares an emergency to permit the Federal government and the State of New York to undertake the temporary relocation of approximately 700 families in the Love Canal area of Niagara Falls, New York, who have been exposed to toxic wastes deposited there by Hooker Chemical company.

Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington, kills 26 people, causes billions in damage.

Abscam investigation, which began in 1978, and ended with the conviction of public officials, reveals that public officials accepted bribes for favors from FBI agents posing as representatives of an Arab sheik. "Abscam" took its form from "Arab" and "scam." Controversial because of claims of entrapment.

Republicans take control of Senate (second time in 50 years).

Solidarity (free trade union) started by Lech Walesa. Membership of solidarity grows to over 9 million in response to economic crisis in Poland brewing since the late 1970's.

Bodies of Darlene and Bruce Rouse are found stabbed and shotgunned in their home in Libertyville, Illinois. Their son, William, is convicted of their murders in 1996.

Eleven Puerto Rican Nationalists (FALN, Armed Forces of National Liberation) are arrested by
Evanston Police weeks after FALN members had committed an armed invasion of the Carter-Mondale campaign headquarters in Chicago and the George Bush campaign office in New York City. Chance arrests by Evanston Police occur when a stolen truck from an armed robbery at a car rental agency is spotted by officers, and when another suspcious van is reported by citizens at a separate location on the same afternoon. The arrests come before the unfolding of a plot discovered by federal agents indicating that the group was in Evanston to kidnap multimillionaire Evanston industrialist and investor Henry Crown (Henry Crown and Co.). Ransom money would fund terrorist activities.

Ted Turner establishes

A District 214 committee reports that there is no need to close a school for 10 years (April, 1980).

Super Bowl XIV
Pittsburgh 31
Los Angeles 19

Ordinary People
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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