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Thriller by Michael Jackson (get it on iTunes).

Top Music Hits for 1983




Every Breath You Take 4:13 | The Police | Synchronicity

Maniac 5:57 | Michael Sembello | The Casablanca Records Story

Beat It 4:18 | Michael Jackson & Edward Van Halen | Thriller (Special Edition) [Remastered]

She Blinded Me With Science 3:42 | Thomas Dolby | The Golden Age of Wireless

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 3:39 | Eurythmics | Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Hungry Like the Wolf 3:41 | Duran Duran | Rio

Twilight Zone 7:54 | Golden Earing | The Continuing Story of Radar Love

Up Where We Belong 3:52 | Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes | Greatest Love Songs

You Can't Hurry Love 2:56 | Phil Collins | Hello, I Must Be Going!

1999 6:15 | Prince | 1999

Separate Ways (Words Apart) 5:26 | Journey: Greatest Hits

Dirty Laundry 5:54 | Eagles | Selected Works 1972-1999

Stand Back 4:57 | Stevie Nicks | Timespace - The Best of Stevie Nicks

Mr. Roboto 5:28 | Styx | Kilroy Was Here

Too Shy 3:45 | Kajagoogoo and Limahl | Kajagoogoo and Limahl: Too Shy - The Singles and More

Gloria 4:51 | Laura Branigan | Branigan

Solitare 4:06 | Laura Branigan | Branigan 2

How Am I Supposed to Live Without You 4:27 | Laura Branigan | The Best of Branigan

The Other Guy 2:49 | Little River Band | Little River Band: Greatest Hits

Photograph 4:07 | Def Leppard | Pyromania

Don't Cry 3:32 | Asia | Alpha

I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart 3:13 | Eric Clapton | Money and Cigarettes

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The Year is 1983 ...

Harold Washington elected first black mayor of Chicago.

Inflation eases as oil prices drop.

Sally Ride becomes first woman astronaut as she is assigned to the space shuttle Challenger (

Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbi is discovered to be living in the U.S. under government protection.

Soviet Union shoots down Korean airliner killing 269 crew and passengers. Action quickly condemned by President Ronald Reagan.

U.S. Marines join multinational peacekeeping force in Beirut, Lebanon.

Muslim terrorists kill 240 marines in Beirut using a suicide bomber.

Operation Urgent Fury. President Reagan orders U.S. Marines, Army Rangers, Navy Special Warfare teams, and other military forces to invade Grenada to counter its takeover by "a brutal group of leftist thugs." Six other Caribbean nations joined the invasion against the Cuban-backed regime.

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly votes 108 to 9 to condemn the American action in Grenada as a clear violation of international law.

President Reagan advocates funding for the Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars."

Lech Walesa awarded
Nobel Peace Prize.

The United States Penitentiary (USP) at Marion, Illinois, is permanently locked down and becomes the first control unit -- the highest security prison in the United States until Florence in Colorado iis opened.

Microsoft Windows graphical user interface is announced, but ships in 1985.

Arlington Varsity Basketball loses to St. Joseph (Westchester, IL) 49-38 in the Supersectional at East Aurora High School (March 15, 1983).

District 214 planner Howard Feddema testifies that board member Donald Hoeck called him to ask that a computer study's data be manipulated to have Arlington High School move to the top as the candidate for closing. Hoeck replies that he was only trying to demonstrate that numbers could be manipulated many ways (March 10 and 11, 1983).

Circuit Court Judge James C. Murray overturns the District 214 decision to close Arlington High School. Judge Murray's opinion states that the board created standards to follow in the closing of schools and then failed to follow them (May 26, 1983). District 214 will appeal (June 1, 1983), but Arlington High School freshmen will enroll in the Fall of 1983.

On the second day of the new school year, Illinois Appellate Court (Justices James J. Mejda, Kenneth E. Wilson and Francis S. Lorenz) overturns Cook County Judge James Murray's ruling blocking the closing of Arlington High School. The Appellate Court states that they "cannot question the wisdom of the final action. Right or wrong it is the decision the board adopted as a quasi-legislative function within its powers ..." and that the court is "unable to say that the ultimate decision itself, the decision to close Arlington and reassign the freshmen students was so palpably arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable as to render it null and void (August 31, 1983).

Super Bowl XVII
Washington Redskins 27
Miami Dolphins 17

Terms of Endearment
wins an Oscar
for Best Picture
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