Arlington High School Reunion

Arlington High School Reunion

Arlington High School Reunion

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Arlington High School Reunion

Arlington High School Reunion
Arlington High School Graduates

ON MANAGING YOUR REUNION is publishing introduction pages (one or two in number) that announce dates and outline events for Arlington High School reunions -- FREE. If you have any information, send it


NOTE: is not a reunion management company. Reunion listings are published as a courtesy to classes. If you want anything more elaborate online ... beyond announcement information (e.g., a Photo Album, class missing lists, etc.) ... you or your committee need to set up your own web page (or personal web site) on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) home page service or commercial hosting service. Hosting space is available at no extra charge from many ISP's. You will need someone on your committee that understands how to write simple web pages and that knows how to upload pages to a host.

You may also want to use or a dedicated reunion management service that handles all aspects of reunions.

Tips on Managing Your Arlington Reunion
Our recent past reunions for Class of 1976 have been at the former Arlington High School (Christian Liberty Academy) or the Metropolis Ballroom.We (Class of '76) managed everything ourselves: researched fellow classmates by calling, mailing and e-mailing, found a venue, found a caterer, picked a cost for the night to hopefully break even, put announcements on and the Daily Herald online and in the actual newspaper. Then we hoped for the best so the committee didn't have to eat their upfront costs. For one reunion we called on a professional photography service, but our last reunion with all the advances in digital cameras, we opted to have classmates cooperate with each other to exchange photographs.

The Metropolis Ballroom provided the food for our last reunion, but when we were at the former high school we used our own caterer (Hell's Kitchen). In both cases, the food was excellent. But Metropolis was expensive and we had to sweat out a down payment and hope enough people came to cover our upfront cost. That is, we sweat it out moreso than when our venue was the former Arlington High School. Metropolis required a downpayment ... and after some deadlines, you lose the downpayment if you decide to back out. Christian Liberty Academy was least expensive ... and they are very helpful to work with. Contact Dave Bergquist 847-259-4444. He is very helpful. If you go to the former Arlington High School, you can ask for availability to use the gym, foyer and cafeteria. Weather is a factor because there is no air conditioning in Grace Gym ... so during Summer or early Fall you risk heat and having to rent big fans. Bottom line? It is great to have a reunion at the former Arlington High School. Neverthess, a lot of classes will opt to have a traditional dinner at a place like The Metropolis or Trackside or a Chicago area restaurant, country club or banquet hall.

Your committee will also need to decide if you want pre-reunion and post-reunion events (eg., tour of Arlington High School, tour of Downtown Arlington Heights, picnic in a forest preserve or park, golf events or night out at a local bar the night before). You also need to decide if you want a DJ or if you want to manage music yourself. You can check with for help with Arlington High era music. Check SUPERSTARPARTY.COM, too. Or e-mail arlingtoncardsATaolDOTcom.

Contacting classmates and lost classmates is a lot of work. We had committee meeting/parties to stamp envelopes and get mailings out. Postal mail can get expensive. We managed with only two postal mailings. We set up a postal box and a bank account for the incoming reunion/dinner money. It is a lot of work, so you need a strong committee and someone who will push everything if you do it yourself. Otherwise, you need to find your own service, check for a Reunion Manager. will link to your class web pages. Your class Photo Album can be made available from the links in the reunion section on Your AHS class can create and post your own reunion pictures and news with a site under your own control. For example, Yahoo! Geocities offers 15 MB of hosting space. The hosting space available should be able to serve a good number of pages, photos and news for any class or reunion. Yahoo! Geocities also has a simple setup. Some classes may also find hosting space available on one their classmate's own company websites or may even set up a website with their own domain name and while using a commercial hosting service. You can also get your own domain name and have it forwarded to the free hosting service space or on space from a commercial hosting service.

Remember, AHS classes are given a free page on that lists reunion information only. Classes need their own hosting space to serve photo albums, news and additional web pages. One web page can be chosen as a front or main page, which can be linked (FREE) from

Here is an example of the Class of '76 Photo Album:

On, the official link from is located just to the right of "1976" but can also be obtained directly by typing: (that's where the one free page for 1976 is located). The link on the free page takes the viewer to the Photo Album on Yahoo! Geocities --

America Online also offers personal server space to its subscribers. For example, with an AOL account you are able to create a personal web site at the following address format:<<aol screen name>> (you don't type the brackets) also offers some alternatives to hosting your own web site to publish your reunion information. You can set up an official reunion contact for your class on (for a small fee).

Don't forget to let us know if you are creating your own class site. will link to your site from the Reunions section (

Also, pages encourages people to sign up on will have a list of all Arlington reunions, if all classes submit information. When a class submits an announcement, it is published and can be accessed directly as in the following examples:

(Just type directly in the web address box of your web browser)

It's all pretty easy to do. Check out the announcement from Eunice from the Class of '41.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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