ARLINGTONCARDS.COM — THE GUIDE is an Arlington Heights-centered guide to living for residents, visitors, consumers, businesses and vendors.

Near the top of every page are red hot link categories to ATTRACTIONS, DINING, SHOPPING and more.

Below THE GUIDE logo are two rows of CATEGORY titles that focus on topics. Clicking on the CATEGORY title displays blog listings for that particular category. The specific blog provides news about the particular category. Directly below each CATEGORY title is a menu with a 1-CLICK About listing, which gives an overview of the CATEGORY. The other listings in the menu below the CATEGORY title focus on important places or topics for that particular CATEGORY. Entries in the news blog for the CATEGORY are tagged according to those menu focus points.

THE GUIDE provides fun news and productivity news for organizing life. THE GUIDE is designed to make life a little easier with helpful, well-organized information — living life with a full deck of cards, so to speak.

The BREAKING NEWS blog The Cardinal — is designed to help people with issues of public safety, security, news events and risk reduction — playing your cards right, so to speak.